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It’s easy being green

Two Hands Paperie has always kept the environment in mind when selecting bulk stationery and envelopes to offer our customers. We’re happy to say our packaged, blank stationery is 30% post consumer recycled, but we’re even prouder to now offer a selection of 100% post consumer recycled papers! It makes us happy to go green […]

Colorado Pen Posse at Two Hands Paperie

We recently had the privilege of hosting a meeting of the Colorado Pen Posse at Two Hands Paperie. The meeting was fast and furious with everyone discussing pens, ink, and paper of every sort non-stop for hours- members, Two Hands employees, and customers alike. What is the Pen Posse you ask? It is a group of […]

“When Life Strikes”

I’ve answered the question, “What are all these papers used for?” a time or two. “Oh so many things!” I reply. “Wrapping gifts! Or accents for wedding invitations! Or origami! My house is covered with framed paper!” The list of what I’ve seen crafted with our papers goes on and on. But for all the […]

Two Hands Paperie Project Book- A Call For Submissions

Here at Two Hands Paperie we spend a lot of time on our own projects- journaling, bookbinding, printing, and encaustic to name a few of the categories. We also spend a lot of time talking with customers about their projects- listening to their ideas, helping them find the right materials, and sometimes just helping them […]

From Digital to Analog- Returning to Letter Writing

Nearly every day someone visits our store with the intention of slowing down their progress in the digital world.  Today a customer purchased a Filofax organiser to replace her PDA. It seemed that the PDA just no longer felt right.  I have also recently helped a few customers purchase letter writing materials- paper, envelopes, pens, […]

What Do You Do With All These Sheets of Paper?

At Two Hands Paperie we hear this question every day. When new customers discover our paper room we usually find them excited, and sometimes overwhelmed, as they look over our hundreds of sheets of decorative paper.That is when we usually hear the question: “What do people do with this paper?” For us, the answer can […]