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Spring Cherry Blossom Window

On Thursday, April 3rd staff, patrons, and friends of Two Hands Paperie gathered together to create a new spring display for the Pearl Street facing window. Participants folded and cut each and every flower. Then, flowers were dipped, dyed, or hand painted with several beautiful colors, all donated by Peerless Watercolors (which is one of […]

What happens with all this paper?

The question was posed. And you responded! Keep ’em coming! John Keller is a long-time Boulder resident and lover of paper. “It’s really hard to walk by Two Hands without wanting to stop in and buy more paper.” (I’m going to guess here that most of you can relate.) For the 2012 HERA Climb for […]

1000 Cranes Have Landed

1000 cranes proudly hang in the window at Two Hands Paperie. The lovely display was made by the shop’s intern, Sydney Adams. Sydney spent 66 hours folding recycled paper from unusable catalogues and damaged books. Why cranes? Why 1000? Japanese legend honors the crane for its health and longevity of life. Cranes are fabled to […]