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Celebrating an Artist- Tammy Welshon

If you have wandered by Two Hands Paperie or come in for a visit during the holiday season you probably noticed the very colorful and enchanting window display. If not, there is a ship sailing in the air to a castle floating on a cloud, and a sleeping yellow moon all surrounded by shimmering paper […]

A chat with Roxanne Rossi

We were thrilled to rub elbows recently at the Ice Cube Gallery with local artist, Roxanne Rossi. Lucky for us (and hopefully for you too) we persuaded her to answer a few questions and share some of her work. But before we start, perhaps we should give you a taste of who you’re talking to: […]

An end to boring doors

Perhaps you’ve stumbled across an extra door or two around town. If you’re particularly observant (and scoot around Boulder more than most) you’ve noticed 100 extra doors. SMART (Sustainable Material + ART) and the Center for Resource Conservation (CRC) have organized a city wide exhibition and competition BOLD DOORS 2012! The goal is to encourage […]

Window Dressing- Valentines Day

Valentines day is just around the corner- our paper stars came down yesterday and were replaced by a paper heart. The heart shape is made of the pages and covers from romance novels, twine, and wax.  Waxed paper flowers from the leftover pages are in the process of being made. We will post photos of […]