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Forget What You Know About KITES!

Forget what you know about kites. Well, that was probably easy. The kite as an art form has alluded most of American culture and art (save that heart warming scene at the end of Mary Poppins.) Local artists and owners of Air Works Studios George Peters and Melanie Walker graciously allowed me to visit their studio and […]

Firefly Craft Night and Pajakis

How much fun can 15 ladies pack into one room? A lot. Two Hands Paperie hosted a free craft night to teach volunteers how to create Pajakis. Two Hands Paperie co-owner and Pajaki-maker extraordinaire Mia Semingson gave instructions and tips to the group on fabricating these intricate paper chandeliers using crepe paper for flowers, waxed […]

Petite Parcel Sets

Some fun new products available both in-store and online are the Petite Parcel Sets by Cavallini & Co. There are endless ways to use this set, and I am excited to share some of my ideas. This blog explores the Vintage Owls Petite Parcel Set, but there are other themed sets available including: Paris, Sweet […]

The Art of Pajaki Making by Fran Meneley

Pajaki is a traditional Polish paper chandelier made from straw and pieces of paper scraps. Our guest blogger, Fran Meneley, attended a Pajaki making class with Two Hands Paperie owner, Mia Semingson. Fran writes about her experience making these beautiful chandeliers and how it has inspired her to continue being creative. “As we begin the slide […]

Call for Submissions – Fabric, Paper, Create!

We had such a good time with our March Mail Art Madness, we decided to bring you a brand new art call for submissions this fall. The “Fabric, Paper, Create!” art call will be held from August 1 to October 8 and will receive a grand prize of $50 to Two Hands Paperie and $50 […]

The Beauty of Lokta Paper

  From Thailand, to Italy, and back down to Mexico, the walls of Two Hands Paperie are lined with beautiful papers from across the globe. Many of these papers are as rich in history and cultural significance as they are in texture and color. Ask anyone working at our shop a paper question and you’ll […]

Decorative Paper Window Shades

I recently moved into a new place that has a lot of windows. I enjoy the light in my house, but with windows come privacy concerns. At my front door, there is a long window that runs nearly the length of the door. It had a shade when I moved in, but the shade completely […]

The Art Of Pajaki Using Decorative Handmade Paper

Pajaki Part 1: A Typical Conversation On Uses For Decorative Papers ME: So I’m teaching a pajaki class in July for the Makerie Summer Series. YOU: Is that some kind of new dance craze you’re into? ME: No. It’s a traditional Polish craft made from decorative papers, paper scraps, and straw. They became popular in the […]

Fun with Paper Scraps

There is something very exciting to me about digging through a collection of paper scraps and discovering the possibilities that lie within. What seems like an endless array of colors, patterns, and sizes, inspires me to create something every time I go “digging”. After working around all of the beautiful decorative handmade paper at Two […]