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The creative and curious visit Boulder

We had the pleasure to host Uppercase editor Janine Vangool during her short stay in Boulder for the Makerie’s weekend retreat. Taking us through a page by page tour of her latest issue, Janine disclosed how her inspiration and curiosity transforms and evolves into a beautiful publication. The brand new issue (#17) is a focused […]

Never has mail been so fun!

We called for Mail Art… you answered! Here is a sampling of what we’ve been receiving during the month of March. THANK YOU for all the submissions. They were incredible, inventive, and so much fun. You can find them on display here at Two Hands through April 15th. Then, the entire collection will be donated […]

Mail Art Madness

Here at Two Hands Paperie, we’re antsy for a little March Madness of our own. No, we’re not opening a line of decorative foam fingers and hand felted basketball hoops. We’re talking Mail Art! “What is Mail Art,” you may be asking. “And where did it come from?” The origin of mail art is disputed. […]

An end to boring doors

Perhaps you’ve stumbled across an extra door or two around town. If you’re particularly observant (and scoot around Boulder more than most) you’ve noticed 100 extra doors. SMART (Sustainable Material + ART) and the Center for Resource Conservation (CRC) have organized a city wide exhibition and competition BOLD DOORS 2012! The goal is to encourage […]

Resolutions and Inspiration

Happy New Year! And no, this won’t be another post about new year’s resolutions. There may be some inspiring words in it though. It has been some time since I have attempted a post, and for this I apologise. There is certainly a bit of irony in the fact that Two Hands Paperie promotes the […]