Saturday, June 27th 6-9 PM. Free Event, call the store at 303-444-0124 to reserve a spot

Instructor: Courtney Cerruti

Last time Courtney Cerruti’s visited Two Hands Paperie we had a blast with all of her classes events. One that was particularly popular was the Social Sketch Free Event! Now we have an opportunity to host a second #Socialsketch. Join us for a fun and unusual evening creating collaborative sketchs and socializing with other creatives at the next #socialsketch. Bring your favorite on-the-go sketching materials while experimenting with some of the store’s most popular art supplies. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you fueled with drinks and snacks as you sketch the night away. Courtney is the co founder of #socialsketch, so we’ve asked her to talk about how it began and show you a few exercises to loosen you up for a night of sketching and play.  You can learn more about #socialsketch by visiting or watch a video about Courtney’s art making at, and check out her photos on Instagram @ccerruti.