Saturday, June 27th 5:00-6:00 pm

Bring your favorite Courtney Cerruti book (or pick one up in store) for her to sign at this free event! No RSVP needed. Just stop in the store to meet the fabulous Courtney Cerruti.

Courtney Cerruti is a full time artist and maker extraordinaire. She sees potential in the discarded, history in the mundane, and art in the everyday. Courtney saves everything, makes everything, and is addicted to the old and worn. In her hands, books are objects to be read and re-purposed, candy wrappers are actually paper flower petals, and toilet paper tubes morph into a menagerie of animals. Courtney lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in a tiny space where she is surrounded by paintings, beautiful objects, and myriad collections that inspire her. When not making things with a cup of tea close at hand, she can be found out and about scavenging for treasures.Courtney believes everyone is creative, and she cherishes helping people access that creativity. She teaches workshops at the San Francisco Center for the Book, in various guest locations around the country, and online at CREATIVEBUG.COM. Courtney is also the author of many books. She is an avid instagrammer at @ccerruti. See more of her work at WWW.COURTNEYCERRUTI.COM and WWW.PINTEREST.COM/CCERRUTI.