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Jennifer Ghormley Installation: Behind the Scenes

At Two Hands Paperie, we are always excited about ways we can collaborate with artists and creative people.We recently collaborated with Denver Printmaker Jennifer Ghormley and got a sweet window out of the deal! Jennifer’s window installation is striking to look at, but it is even more lovely when you know the painstaking lengths she […]

Spring Cherry Blossom Window

On Thursday, April 3rd staff, patrons, and friends of Two Hands Paperie gathered together to create a new spring display for the Pearl Street facing window. Participants folded and cut each and every flower. Then, flowers were dipped, dyed, or hand painted with several beautiful colors, all donated by Peerless Watercolors (which is one of […]

Decorative Paper Window Shades

I recently moved into a new place that has a lot of windows. I enjoy the light in my house, but with windows come privacy concerns. At my front door, there is a long window that runs nearly the length of the door. It had a shade when I moved in, but the shade completely […]

Visiting Artist Series: Bob Farmer

Boulder is teeming with incredible artists. At Two Hands, we have the pleasure of chatting with many of them that pass through our door, and we would like to introduce you to some of our favorites. In our brand new, Visiting Artist Series, we’re bringing some of these artists right into the store to work […]

Window Dressing- Valentines Day

Valentines day is just around the corner- our paper stars came down yesterday and were replaced by a paper heart. The heart shape is made of the pages and covers from romance novels, twine, and wax.  Waxed paper flowers from the leftover pages are in the process of being made. We will post photos of […]