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Our Own Via dell’Amore

Many of my favorite stories begin with the phrase: “While I was studying abroad”. Perhaps this makes me a cliche young person. But if you had spent months eating handmade spaghetti with a wild boar sauce in Rome or walking to school in the shadow of the Akropolis in Athens, you may want to share […]

Call for Submissions – Fabric, Paper, Create!

We had such a good time with our March Mail Art Madness, we decided to bring you a brand new art call for submissions this fall. The “Fabric, Paper, Create!” art call will be held from August 1 to October 8 and will receive a grand prize of $50 to Two Hands Paperie and $50 […]

The Art Of Pajaki Using Decorative Handmade Paper

Pajaki Part 1: A Typical Conversation On Uses For Decorative Papers ME: So I’m teaching a pajaki class in July for the Makerie Summer Series. YOU: Is that some kind of new dance craze you’re into? ME: No. It’s a traditional Polish craft made from decorative papers, paper scraps, and straw. They became popular in the […]

Fun with Paper Scraps

There is something very exciting to me about digging through a collection of paper scraps and discovering the possibilities that lie within. What seems like an endless array of colors, patterns, and sizes, inspires me to create something every time I go “digging”. After working around all of the beautiful decorative handmade paper at Two […]