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Keeping a Trip Book- Our Approach to Visual Journaling

We do a lot of travelling during the warmer months, much of it as a family. On every trip we take along an empty journal- a book to be filled by all of us. We have been keeping “trip books” for years now and have a shelf full of them. The advantage of a trip book over […]

New Website is Active!

Finally, after many months of trying, we have done it! The new Two Hands Paperie website is active. The site is in no way filled out- we tried to at least provide a representative sampling of a few products under some of the categories to get the site going. But most of the categories are […]

What Do You Do With All These Sheets of Paper?

At Two Hands Paperie we hear this question every day. When new customers discover our paper room we usually find them excited, and sometimes overwhelmed, as they look over our hundreds of sheets of decorative paper.That is when we usually hear the question: “What do people do with this paper?” For us, the answer can […]