A Fold Above

Two months ago we asked internationally known origami artist Leonor Rosser to create Two Hands Paperie’s fall window display. Once she said yes, we became increaseingly excited. The results are stunning!


Rosser crafted 11 hand-folded panels to hang in the windows. The panels were assembled from folded squares that came together like a paper quilt. For each square, she used recycled pieces of Cavallini Calendars“The Cavallini paper is just magnificent for this large scale Origami. The designs are so precious that, when putting the pieces together as a quilt, I did not have to stop and match, or think how I wanted these different designs. It did not matter, it looked great just by putting them randomly,” she explained. She folded 390 pieces to complete the project! Each square took about 1.5 minutes to fold. That means she spend over nine hours just folding the squares! Thankfully, we get to enjoy these fabulous panels for much longer than it took to create them.origami_window_detailorigami_window_inside_light



Rosser’s journey with origami started when she was exposed to origami art on a cultural exchange trip to Japan in 1989. Years later, she became involved with the children’s show Mundo de Papel (“World of Paper”). The show originally aired on Discovery Kids Latin America, but it was translated and broadcast in over 25 countries around the world, including the U.S. from 1997 to 2002. She also created an origami series called Origami Alive! with Leonor which was broadcast on PBS across the United States. The short film below was shown at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Be sure to stop by and see our fantastic window display! We are so grateful to Leonor for her time and effort.

origami_window_leonor_miaMia Semingson (Two Hands Paperie Owner) with origami artist Leonor Rosser