A Midori Way of Life

“It was a sunny day in Seattle and I was on a work break,” this love story begins. “My boyfriend at the time met me for lunch and happened to bring the mail. Among the letters was a small brown envelope. I remember the lovely details of the brown paper wrapping, the paper twine and colorful Washi tape all neatly folded around the notebook package. I savored the unwrapping and truly fell in love.” Andrea Sanders is not describing her love story with a human, but instead with her steady companion: her Midori Traveler’s Notebook.Working with my TN

It is not often that we remember the exact scenario we purchased an everyday item, but then Traveler’s Notebooks are hardly everyday items. It seems that most people have their own Midori love story. Ours, at Two Hands Paperie, started with Andrea, who brought in her notebook and suggested we carry the line. Just like Andrea, we fell in love with the completely customizable notebooks. She has been a proud TN (as they are often called) owner for six years and still believes: “It’s one of the few and most important items I own.”

When Andrea says she owns few things, she is speaking the truth. She can fit all her clothes into a carry-on luggage sized suitcase and most of her personal possessions into a day bag. “My focus is on experiences and the objects, like my Traveler’s Notebook, to facilitate the inspiration and capture those experiences,” she explained. This focus is not only central to the way Andrea lives her life, but it is the core of her business Be Zero. “Be Zero is a movement to educate individuals to rethink consumer habits while dramatically reducing their plastic and trash footprint,” Andrea described. “Producing less trash does more than just help the environment. It will simplify what you buy, lead to healthier eating habits, and save you money.” To share the Be Zero message, Andrea hosts Be Zero Boot Camps and free zero waste living talks in Boulder. She is able to run her business and stick to her Be Zero values with the help of her Traveler’s Notebook.

My Traveler's Notebook Desk ArrangmentThe Traveler’s Notebook is a tool for Andrea in both her professional and personal life because it is truly customizable. Currently her TN is “arranged to accommodate creative thought, projects, and daily to-do’s” but in the past it has “been packed with 5 different notebooks or I’ve made it just my wallet.” The other way Andrea has customized her notebook is through the brass Midori accessories: “My Midori brass pen, pencil, ruler, and the brass index clips are all super functional for me and give my TN the look and feel of timeless adventure!” When she is feeling particularly creative, she pairs her notebook with other Two Hands Paperie products like the Peerless Watercolors Set and travel paintbrush to “leave the digital world behind for a moment and let whatever pours from my heart and mind out on paper- thoughts, art and ideas.”TN in Thailand

Regardless of how the TN is organized, it is the perfect companion for adventure. Andrea has brought her notebook on many of her adventures; the most noteworthy of which was her two months living in Thailand. “I traveled super light, only taking with me a [small backpack] for the whole two months. My Traveler’s Notebook captured everything while I was there,” she said. However Andrea is using her notebook, she truly takes advantage of its customizable nature: “You change all the time and so can your Traveler’s Notebook,”she declared.

From personal adventures to professional organization, the Midori Traveler’s Notebook is Andera’s most trusted partner. The customizable nature of the notebook has allowed it to suit her needs, whatever they are. We are grateful that Andrea introduced us to these versatile notebooks and for all the Midori love stories that have followed.

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