Jennifer Ghormley Installation: Behind the Scenes

At Two Hands Paperie, we are always excited about ways we can collaborate with artists and creative people.We recently collaborated with Denver Printmaker Jennifer Ghormley and got a sweet window out of the deal! Jennifer’s window installation is striking to look at, but it is even more lovely when you know the painstaking lengths she went to in order to create the piece. Enjoy your behind the scenes look at the window installation.

At her printmaking studio, Jennifer printed the coral, blue, yellow and green base colors on the raw Thai mulberry paper that was to become the cup-like shapes she used. She accented the base colors with decorative lines that required another run through the press. She roughly cut the sheets of paper into circles and brought them to Two Hands Paperie for the Community Event. Our helpful participants cut out the circles then folded each one.

Then the Two Hands crew glued each cup and left them with paper clips to set the glue.

Jennifer brought the glued cups home and sewed each individually with her sewing machine, attaching thread to the cups so they could be tied together and hung. She created an ingenious way to organize each individual piece to transport them back to Two Hands for installation: paper clips hanging on strings across cardboard boxes. This prevented a tangled mess!

2015-03-24 12.17.58

Once she was in the store, Jennifer set up her tools of the trade: thread, notes and measurements, a measuring tape, scissors, coffee, and gum. I couldn’t help but be struck by how neat she was. If my desk looked as organized as her work station, I would be a proud woman.

2015-03-24 12.43.59

 Jennifer waited to tie together the individual pieces until she was in the store because she values being able to respond to the space of her installation. She decided on a set measurement between each cup and began to cutting thread, tying knots and hanging them from the metal grid above the window. There is nothing like a person on a ladder to create buzz about the coming installation. 2015-03-25 11.28.12

While assembling the installation, Jennifer responded to the space by adding an additional element. She noticed that the front room gets a lot of sun since our trees have been cut down (poor trees). This led to the implementation of a boarder created from cut woodblock carvings printed on glassine- a wax paper like material that is moderately translucent. Adding this final touch framed the lovely installation and added a bit of shade from the morning sun.2015-03-25 15.16.47

We have been so happy with the finished product! The little cups respond to the breeze when the door is open and remind us of spring when the weather decides to become cloudy and gray.2015-03-24 16.09.29

A special thanks to Jennifer Ghromley and all her hard work. If you want to purchase some of her fantastic work, Jennifer (along with many other talented artisans) will be at Firefly Market, May 2-3  from 10 am- 4 pm. You can keep up to date with what she is doing at her website. Also, thank you to all those who came to the Community Art Event, especially Tammy who shared some of her pictures of the event with us! Check out her blog about the event. 2015-03-26 16.36.51

Pictures hardly do justice to this awesome installation, so come and check it out in person!