Jennifer Ghormley – Paper, Color, & Light Community Art Event

Hosting artists at Two Hands Paperie is one of our favorite ways to bring you new ideas and expose some of the remarkable talent from within our community. Jennifer Ghormley is one of those artists. Though she has an MFA in printmaking, her interests and art creations vary from textile installations, introspective self-referential images, to lighthearted, whimsical, nature-themed prints. “My process is largely print-based, and I employ printmaking as a versatile springboard for the expressive translation of my creative thoughts and ideas,” says Ghormley.  Her enchanting images below will give you a taste for what Jennifer creates in her installations. 


Jennifer will be at Two Hands Paperie on March 3rd to lead our Community Art Event: Paper, Color, & Light. This free event will offer participants the opportunity to dye, fold, and sculpt paper. Jennifer will give the group instructions and guide the time. Then, she will install the created pieces as Two Hands Paperie’s next window display! Call to be put on the wait list, as this event is already full!


We asked Jennifer a few questions to introduce herself before she comes into the shop:

What are you currently working on or planning to work on?

A series of life-sized self-portrait drawings revolving around the idea of taking risks

Designing and hanging more installations at Two Hands Paperie, another in Lincoln, Nebraska, and another in Jackson Wyoming in May

Teaching workshops

Keeping up with Jen G studios products and its shop demands


What’s kept your interest in making art?

This is a tough one – I don’t know that I am ever not interested in making art, it’s just a part of me that continues to evolve and grow as I move through the journey of life. I guess I just think about it and do it all the time and when I need a break, I take one. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with too many ideas and not enough time, but I think that’s a good thing, and that keeps me going for sure.

Writing instrument of choice? (Mechanical pencil, sharpie, fountain pen, etc.)

Depends on the task at hand… usually blue ball-point pen, also graphite pencil, sometimes wide-tip black sharpie.


Favorite ice cream flavor?

I don’t like ice cream – too cold… I prefer baked goods – cake, cookies, etc.


Do you have a motto? It can be regarding life or art or whatever!

The journey is the destination. (title of a book by photojournalist Dan Eldon)