Spotlight Friday – Shrines and Inner Journeys

Visiting Artist – Deedee Hampton
Friday, September 12th, 2-4pm
FREE event!


On Friday, September 13th, we’re bringing you another Spotlight Friday event – Visiting Artist Series with Deedee Hampton. All of Deedee’s artwork, whether paintings, reliquaries, shrines, or assemblage, explores a rich inner landscape that, if we have the courage to take the same journey, can help us find balance and our own center. During her journey, Deedee realized “that being me and not trying to be someone I am not would bring me and those around me way more joy and contentment and respect. ‘Being me’ is my compass.”

“I started a big life changing transition last fall around the time of my birthday. I realized time was running out and if I wanted to live my dream of making art and teaching art workshops- that the time to do it is NOW. In order to have the energy and the time to do that, I knew I needed to leave my secure job of the last 18 years. I felt a lot of fear. I was inspired by my emotional process to make this reliquary.

Christians, Buddhists, Muslims & tribal peoples all have reliquaries. A reliquary is a container for a relic. The word relic comes from the Latin reliquiae, which means remains or something left behind. A relic is a material object, a memento, something left behind of personal meaning that achieves significance by being collected, honored, and sequestered within a reliquary.

My reliquary, the bear (which is from a taxidermy store), represents the fear. His snarling mouth contains a baby that represents new life, new ideas. A figure of a woman is prying the jaws open, rescuing that baby. The shot up rusty tin can lid on top covers the relic & it has my Inner Critic standing on top. She is telling me: “You are crazy! You are sure to fail! What are you thinking?!”  I decided to trust my voice of Inner Wisdom and quit my job. The same day that I gave notice I received a gift in the mail from a friend, with this quote by Anais Nin “And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom.”  I knew then that the relic for the bear/fear reliquary had to be a blossom! I chose a lotus blossom because it symbolizes self-regeneration or rebirth. So, the Inner Critic top comes off & the lotus blossom relic blooms. My dream has come true- I am now making art and teaching art workshops.”

Deedee will be at Two Hands Paperie from 2-4:00pm FREE on Friday, September 13th. Come in to hear more about the artistically represented journeys she explores.

You can also sign up for Deedee’s House of Gratitude class on Saturday, September 7th, where you’ll make a three dimensional piece designed to hold a small, accordion style journal to record the things for which you’re grateful.