Etsy Craft Party 2014

Two Hands Paperie was thrilled to host an Etsy Craft Party in Boulder this past week. Every year, Etsy invites people to host a themed craft party in their city to celebrate makers worldwide. Last year, our friends at Whimseybox threw a  spectacular party, so we knew we had big shoes to fill!

We kicked off the evening with fresh squeezed lemonade and supplies to create a name tag. It’s hard not to love the feel and sound of a typewriter. And of course, we can’t make it through an event without Peerless Watercolors.

This year’s theme was altered photographs, so we went to work preparing stations to alter photos into new works of art. Embroidery, collage, photo transfer, stencils, and encaustic supplies were at the ready for people to dig in and begin altering their photos.



It didn’t take long to create a store wide mess, but we loved it.


The embroidery station overflowed to the floor, but no one seemed to mind.


The packing tape photo transfer trick was borrowed from Courtney Cerruti’s book Playing With Image Transfers, which I highly recommend. (Look for her classes this fall at Two Hands Paperie. Yes! She’s coming to Boulder.)

Once a piece was altered and finished, participants took their work over to the encaustic station and layered wax over the photo for a permanent coating.


Old friends. New friends.


A craft party is fun. A craft party with an amazing spread is great.


Cut. Glue. Layer. Sew. Layer again. Wax. The night produced some incredible pieces.

We hope you had fun Boulder makers. We loved having you and are excited to find an excuse to do it again soon.

We’d like to thank a few people too. Could we have better neighbors than Piece, Love, and Chocolate? Thanks for the yummy desserts. We’d also like to thank Just a Trace for providing beautiful stencils for the event, our volunteers, and of course all of you who came and support us! Thank you.