It’s easy being green

Two Hands Paperie has always kept the environment in mind when selecting bulk stationery and envelopes to offer our customers. We’re happy to say our packaged, blank stationery is 30% post consumer recycled, but we’re even prouder to now offer a selection of 100% post consumer recycled papers! It makes us happy to go green to offer a high quality paper that is even more eco friendly than before with Green Paper Company. We have already begun the process of integrating their line of beautiful, blank stationery and envelopes, and you can enjoy a few of their colors in the shop now.


We’re often asked for ‘recycled’ paper from our customers, and we want to explain why we’ve chosen post-consumer recycled papers over ‘recycled’ papers. Post-consumer recycled and recycled are not created equal.

Post-consumer recycled paper includes fibers that have been collected after the consumer uses and discards the material. Essentially, materials that are headed for the trash can be and are reused to create new paper. Generally, the percentage of post consumer material used is listed on the packaging. (ALL of Green Paper Company’s papers are at least 30% post consumer recycled, but they offer many papers with 100% post consumer materials used!)

Recycled paper, however, refers to materials that are collected internally by a printer or manufacturer to be reused and haven’t been used by a consumer. This process does ‘recycle’ its scrap, however reusing the scrap is a standard practice in paper making and does not contain materials used and discarded by consumers.


But seriously, I think it is. So does it really make a difference? What’s the benefit, you ask? According to the Green Paper Company, 1 ton of 100% post consumer recycled paper used saves 24 trees, enough oxygen for 12 people for 1 year, 10,325 gallons of water, 75 gallons of gas, and is equivalent to not driving your car for 6 weeks. 

So, be on the lookout for our new stationery line. We’re happy to bring you a product we can all feel good about using. If you have any questions, please ask any of our sales associates for more details.