Visiting Artist – Jill Powers

Two Hands Paperie is excited to host another season of Visiting Artists, a series which connects local artists with other creative types from our community. Environmental artist Jill Powers will join us on Friday, January 24th between 2:00 and 5:00 pm for this FREE event where you can ask questions and get to know this amazing artist  from our creative community.


Jill Powers creates environmental and mixed media fiber art with a natural material known as Kozo. The most common of the Japanese papermaking fibers, Kozo comes from the inner bark of the paper mulberry bush and it is sustainably grown and harvested. Jill begins her creative endeavors with the plant in its original form and undertakes (by hand) the laborious process of cooking, opening, casting, painting, and stitching the inner bark, or Kozo fibers, into abstract sculptures and installation pieces. Jill considers herself an artistic researcher and often refers to her studio as her laboratory. Her recent exhibit, The Small Winged Life, was inspired by her investigation on how climate change is affecting insect populations. A myriad of winged insects formed elegant patterns and formations, each hand crafted from Kozo and natural dyes.


Jill teaches and practices in Boulder, Colorado, and you can see more of her process and artwork at www.jillpowers.comShe has also been featured in Hand Eye Magazine, and Fiber Art Now Article, where you can read more about nature as her muse and her incredible studio.

The Visiting Artist event is FREE, and open to all! Please join us Friday, January 24 from 2-5:00 pm and find out more about Jill, her love of Kozo fibers, insects, and her upcoming Kozo Fiber Workshop on Saturday, February 22.

Can’t make it to her event? Check out the window display in our front window between January 17th and February 24th at the shop at 803 Pearl Street to experience her intricate Kozo papers and sculptures.