Petite Parcel Sets

Some fun new products available both in-store and online are the Petite Parcel Sets by Cavallini & Co. There are endless ways to use this set, and I am excited to share some of my ideas. This blog explores the Vintage Owls Petite Parcel Set, but there are other themed sets available including: Paris, Sweet Treats, Vintage Dogs, and Vintage Cats.  Click on any of these links to browse the wonderful selection!

The basics: Each Parcel Set includes 12 glittered gift tags (3 designs, 4 of each design), 12 sheets of assorted Stickers, and 12 gift bags (3 sizes, 4 of each size).

unique gifts

Use a Parcel Set for your next themed event. Make invitations extra special by adding a couple of charming vintage stickers. To thank your guests for coming, hand out the flat gift bags stuffed full of goodies. The gift bags are the perfect size for favors. Sizes range from 5.75 inches to 9.5 inches in length, 3.25 inches to 6.25 inches in width. Use decorative handmade paper instead of a tablecloth to set the mood or help inspire your theme.

A couple weeks ago I had a “Welcome Autumn” get-together with friends. I themed our brunch around owls and falling leaves. The invitations were hand-written on blank, cardstock-weight writing stationery and embellished with rubber stamps from my craft drawer and stickers from the Vintage Owls Petite Parcel Set. I used other pieces from the set to add darling embellishments such as place cards and goodie bags. I decorated the table beautiful fallen leaves I gathered from around my neighborhood. I included a sheet of owl stickers (from the parcel set) as well as maple candy lollipops in the goodie bags. My friends loved the small details, and overall brunch was a huge success!

writing stationery

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How will you use the Cavallini Petite Parcel sets? Share your ideas with us on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram