A Durable Duct Tape Wallet For My Field Notes

Anyone who is a fan of Field Notes Brand notebooks will tell you that they never leave home without one. These small notebooks slip easily into any pocket, making it super-easy to never be without a place to put your shopping lists, Tesla coil modification sketches, alien sighting data, or other earth-shattering ideas. I tend to carry my Field Notes in my back pocket or a cargo pocket which, during the summer time at least, can end badly if I happen to walk through a sprinkler or get caught in a downpour. My solution: duct tape, and a little bit of Tyvek. Here’s how you can make your own duct tape wallet:

Duct tape wallet for Field Notes notebook.

Duct tape wallet for Field Notes notebook: Cut Tyvek; wrap with tape; ready to go.

Step 1: I first cut a piece of Tyvek (used as weatherproofing under siding, and as envelopes at FedEx and UPS) that when folded in half would easily cover two notebooks (in case I am nearing the end of one and carrying the next with me as well.) I cut the Tyvek perfectly square as it is the form for the duct tape to take shape around.

Step 2: Next, I simply wrapped the Tyvek with tape- I used black since I had it on hand, but there are a multitude of colors available these days. I started at the top, wrapping each top edge. Then came the strip folded across the bottom. Trim these pieces tight along the Tyvek edge.

Step 3: Finally, I wrapped a few strips around the center of the wallet, starting and ending in the center on the same side with each.

Whether you have a Field Notes or another blank journal that you would like to carry in your pocket, this convenient duct tape wallet will safely hold all your thoughts, ideas, and lists. Your notebook will be ready for action.

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