Twig Pencils: Not Your Average Pencil!

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One of our favorite additions to our website this summer has got to be our Jungle Vine Twig Pencils. They are very popular with our customers, both instore and online, and have received a lot of positive feedback about them. The twig pencils are available in a variety of sizes and are sold in sets of 10, either with graphite or colored leads. They are great for people of all ages- the variety of sizes makes them easy for small and large hands to grip. Made from natural vines, the twig pencils have an appealing earthy look.  Twig pencils are the perfect addition to any birthday party treat bag and are a popular gift year-round.

twig pencilsTwig Pencils and The Great Outdoors Program

At the beginning of the summer we donated a number of graphite twig pencils to a summer camp for special needs students of elementary age. The theme of the camp was “The Great Outdoors” where the kids set up a campsite in their classroom. They sat around a “campfire”, roasted marshmallows, read campfire stories, and went on nature walks and scavenger hunts. The adults drilled a tiny hole in the top of each pencil so that the students could attach them to their journals. After a follow up with the program leader, she commented how much the kids loved using the twig pencils and told us that  the pencils were used by children of all ages, sizes, and abilities.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to donate to such a worthwhile program.

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 Be sure to look over our selection of twig pencils and other writing instruments on our website. Pair our twig pencils with one of our leather travel journals for a great gift. Also check the “Classes”  tab to see what upcoming classes and events we have planned this fall.