The Beauty of Lokta Paper

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From Thailand, to Italy, and back down to Mexico, the walls of Two Hands Paperie are lined with beautiful papers from across the globe. Many of these papers are as rich in history and cultural significance as they are in texture and color. Ask anyone working at our shop a paper question and you’ll probably get more information than you ever needed. But Lokta paper is really, truly at the top of the heap in terms of its fascinating history and production methods.

Decorative papers? Interesting? Stay with me.

Lokta paper is made from the bark of a Daphne bush, which grows exclusively at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. The inner bark provides extremely long fibers to create paper, which gives Lokta paper a very durable quality.

To create the Lokta paper, the bark is striped from a living bush which not only helps the bush to grow, but the bark completely regenerates in six to seven years. (A truly eco-friendly paper!) The inner bark is cooked, beaten down into a wet pulp, and scooped up into paper molds. Color is added to the paper through natural bark and flower based dyes, and this paper never touches chemicals or bleaches. Have you ever noticed your Lokta paper is lighter in color on one side? That’s because this paper is dried in the sunlight on the Nepalese mountainside! Not only is Lokta paper hand pulled, it is also hand-dyed, hand screen printed, and batiked (stamped with wax) making every sheet unique in color and weight.


In addition, producing Lokta uses little to no electricity because the methods used today are nearly identical to how this decorative handmade paper has been made for 800 years.

Lokta batik

So now you know all about Lokta paper and love it. But what can you do with it?



Lokta is a great paper to bind your next journal or photo album, line envelopes, letterpress wedding invitations, cover lampshades, create a privacy screen, frame it, collage a card or create your own stationery. You can visit our Pinterest board for many more ideas on what to do with this beautiful paper, because the list goes on.

We have a selection of solid Lokta paper at, or our shop on the West End of Pearl Street in Boulder where it’s a Lokta haven. We have every solid color Lokta imaginable and countless printed and batiked patterns as well (including these brightly colored cherry blossoms!), so visit us online at or stop by our store at 803 Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado.

About the author: Casey Berry spends her time managing Two Hands Paperie, dreaming up uses for paper, and finding new ways to incorporate teal knick knacks in her overly knick knacked house.