Finding your Rubber Stamp Inspiration

By Lauren Koutavas

With all of the fun rubber stamps that are out there these days, it’s hard not to own, or want to own at least a few.  A comment Ink PadsI’ve heard from many customers in the store goes something like: “I love these rubber stamps, but I don’t know what I would do with them!” The answer is that the possibilities are endless, really.  In this blog, I highlight some fun ideas to do with the rubber stamps you already have, or rubber stamp sets available at our store, such as our Yellow Owl Stamps or Cavallini Rubber Stamps.

Wrap it up -Choose one, two, or a whole set of  stamps that fit the occasion you are gifting for, and simply stamp plain kraft paper in a repeating pattern all over, or maybe just once. This is an easy way to give your gift a handmade touch, without taking much time or money! If you want to go beyond the solid color stamp, you could always hand color in the stamps to add to the presentation.

rubber stamp sets

stamp setLabel it– During big events or holidays where a lot of gifts are given, maybe you don’t want to go to the trouble of personalizing all of your wrapping paper. A great way to add a personalized touch is to stamp your gift tags. It gives your gifts a unique flare without  going overboard.

stamp set

Say It  Writing Stationery Do you find yourself ever needing to write a friend a short note, but don’t want to use anything formal? If a piece of scrap paper doesn’t quite cut it, try taking a stack of plain, flat cardstock and choose one small rubber stamp. Stamp 10-20 cards at a time so you have them on hand. Your friends and family will love receiving these hand stamped notes, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy making them! Easy-Peasy. For added touch, stamp the envelope flap to match the cards.

decorative handmade paper


decorative handmade paper

As always, we love to see what you, our friends, are making with your two hands.  Like us on Facebook and send your ideas and completed projects to us so that we can share them with our community. Visit our website and check out our wonderful selection of rubber stamp sets and ink pads for sale at