Decorative Paper Window Shades

I recently moved into a new place that has a lot of windows. I enjoy the light in my house, but with windows come privacy concerns. At my front door, there is a long window that runs nearly the length of the door. It had a shade when I moved in, but the shade completely blocked out the light, making the space feel dark and unwelcoming. I wanted a way to let some light in, but also needed to block out enough so that people could not walk up to the front door and peek inside to see the entirety of my home.

Scrapbooking Supplies

I decided to use some decorative paper to solve the problem. It added an interesting texture to the window and blocked just enough light to create the privacy I was looking for.

To achieve this, I simply measured the size of the window I wanted to cover, found a sheet of decorative paper that suited the space, and then cut the paper to size with a utility knife. Because the window I was covering was long, I had to cut the paper into two pieces. This created a seam in the middle.  I then attached the paper to the window with small pieces of clear, double-sided adhesive that I purchased in the scrapbooking supplies section of my favorite fine craft store, Two Hands Paperie.

Due to the transparency of the tape, the small pieces I used in the corners of the window to hold up the paper isn’t noticeable at all.  What an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to solve a practical problem so many of us deal with in our homes!

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