The Art Of Pajaki Using Decorative Handmade Paper

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Pajaki Part 1: A Typical Conversation On Uses For Decorative Papers

ME: So I’m teaching a pajaki class in July for the Makerie Summer Series.
YOU: Is that some kind of new dance craze you’re into?
ME: No. It’s a traditional Polish craft made from decorative papers, paper scraps, and straw. They became popular in the mid 1800’s to pass the cold winter months and prepare for Christmas and Easter celebrations. I first learned about them on Design Sponge.
YOU: Oh, Design Sponge, that’s a great website! I’ve never heard of them….so, what are they again?
ME: Well, it’s like a paper chandelier, but without the light.
YOU: So if it doesn’t light up, what do you do with it?
ME: You can hang it in your home, at a wedding or any kind of celebration. They symbolize a wish for good health and happiness and are usually very colorful and elaborate. In addition to decorative handmade paper, I use felt pom poms, Dresden trim, and waxed linen thread. Basically it’s a fun DIY project that will get your creative juices flowing and brighten your life.
YOU: Sounds interesting, but I’m not very crafty.
ME: They’re a labor of love, but easy to make and so much fun that I’m actually considering becoming a professional pajaki maker and quitting my day job.
YOU: Really?
ME: No, but it’s a fun fantasy. If you’re interested you should take my class on Sunday, July 7th.
YOU: Sounds like fun. I will definitely look into it. Thanks!

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