Fun with Paper Scraps

There is something very exciting to me about digging through a collection of paper scraps and discovering the possibilities that lie within. What seems like an endless array of colors, patterns, and sizes, inspires me to create something every time I go “digging”. After working around all of the beautiful decorative handmade paper at Two Hands Paperie, I vowed to never buy a greeting card again. Although that sounds a bit daunting, making cards instead of buying them is very fulfilling and easy to do. Whether you want to take the same vow or not, you should consider what you can make with all of the appetizing papers and ephemera you pull out of your scrap bag. The possibilities are infinite….

Paper Scraps     Paper Scraps     Paper Scraps

Another favorite project of mine to do with paper scraps is to sew together small squares to create a mini “quilt”. I have made and framed them for unique gifts. Sometimes I find a few colors or patterns of paper I want nothing more to do with than to look at and admire, so making a collage is the perfect use for them. By simply choosing a few favorite pieces and running them through a sewing machine using a zigzag stitch, a unique and interesting art piece is made.

              Scrapbooking Supplies                   Scrapbooking Supplies

These are just a couple of my favorite uses for handmade decorative paper. We at Two Hands Paperie would love to see what you do with your paper scraps! Do you use them as scrapbooking supplies? Lamp shades? Book covers? Gift wrap? Send us your favorite uses and creations. Email your submission to and your project could be featured on an upcoming post. Be sure to include an image and a link to your blog or website if you would like us to link back to you. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest to see all our latest projects.

Happy “scrapping”!