The creative and curious visit Boulder

We had the pleasure to host Uppercase editor Janine Vangool during her short stay in Boulder for the Makerie’s weekend retreat.Uppercase17

Taking us through a page by page tour of her latest issue, Janine disclosed how her inspiration and curiosity transforms and evolves into a beautiful publication. The brand new issue (#17) is a focused look at stationery and stationers across the globe. However, the themes and ideas of fragility, transparency, and ephemerality are also delicately and surprisingly woven into this issue.

What I’m trying is, you don’t want to miss this beautifully curated magazine.

Look for issue #17 at Two Hands, available soon.

And in the meantime, check out Uppercase’s lovely showcase of Two Hands on their website!  And again, a big thank  you to Janine for sharing her time and thoughts with us.