Have Journal, Will Travel

Be a traveler

A journal page by Fran Meneley

After attending our upcoming travel journal lecture “Have Journal, Will Travel,” I’m guessing you’ll be itching to hit the road with your watercolors and a blank page.

Thursday, February 28th, visual journaling artist and instructor Fran Meneley is opening up her travel bag of secrets to encourage artistic, creative, and fun documentation of any travel plans or future excursions. Learn how to choose a travel journal and build a small, portable travel journal kit along with simple techniques to get you started while you are on the road. Come back from any adventure with a unique story of your travels in book form.

Please join us for this free event from 6:30-7:30 on February 28th. RSVP by email us info@twohandspaperie.com or by calling the store at 303-444-0124.

In the meantime, check out Fran Meneley’s blog to get inspired or enroll for her upcoming class on Sunday, March 23rd. You can also find an exclusive interview with Fran in our Newspaperie, which should be arriving this week!