“When Life Strikes”

I’ve answered the question, “What are all these papers used for?” a time or two.

“Oh so many things!” I reply. “Wrapping gifts! Or accents for wedding invitations! Or origami! My house is covered with framed paper!”

The list of what I’ve seen crafted with our papers goes on and on. But for all the creations I’ve seen, there are twice as many I can’t even fathom. And from time to time, as the carefully rolled and wrapped paper changes hands and walks out the door, I dream that it’s going to help create something important. Something enchanting. And memorable. It’s a big world, full of bright ideas and fascinating people. I know I can’t daydream for long because there is really no way of knowing the journey our paper takes.

So what a thrill to learn about Sara Goldenberg White. What a joy to see her mesmerizing work and the delicate papers laid beneath her woven and hand stitched pieces. We were so excited to see where some of our paper landed, we thought we’d share. But don’t be fooled. These pictures don’t do it justice, and you simply must go see her exhibit “When Life Strikes” to experience her powerful works for yourself. Her pieces are currently on display at the ICE CUBE GALLERY. The exhibit runs though June 16, so hurry! The gallery hours are Thursday: 12-5 pm; Friday: 12-9 pm; and Saturday: 12-5 pm.

““When Life Strikes” explores the conditions and circumstances that exist in the first moments of new life. Sara pulls deeply from her own experience of losing her first child shortly after birth, and the subsequent attempts to recreate the flash of life in order to have another child. The result is a powerful display of microscopic events brought to a much larger scale. Using vivid color and thoughtful detail White conveys her story through stitched and digital imagery, with heartbreaking honesty and courage.”