An end to boring doors

Perhaps you’ve stumbled across an extra door or two around town. If you’re particularly observant (and scoot around Boulder more than most) you’ve noticed 100 extra doors.

SMART (Sustainable Material + ART) and the Center for Resource Conservation (CRC) have organized a city wide exhibition and competition BOLD DOORS 2012! The goal is to encourage the use of discarded, hard to reuse materials: doors. The ReSource Yard in Boulder found doors are the hardest item to recycle and they end up, more often than not, in the landfill. And so the criteria was set: create a work of art using a ‘rescued’ door. A cabinet door. Front doors. Patio doors. Any door will do. And 100 doors did.

The competition was open to anyone and local businesses volunteered space to house and exhibit the pieces. 100 doors pepper the streets of Boulder stretching cross Pearl to University Hill to 29th Street Mall. The exhibition is running mid-June through mid-August, so keep your eyes open and you’ll be sure to spot a few. A detailed map is be found on the BOLD DOORS website as well as a list of student entries and more information on the participating artists.

As for us, we’re thrilled to participate! Two cabinet doors by Melinda Myrow adorn our wall and the opening bid will be $350.
“At its best, visual art takes you inside and outside yourself. A lifelong artist, I work from memory, in as unconscious a state as possible, in order to maintain spontaneity. Sensation and perception metamorphosed into visual expression.” – Myrow

Found a door you can‘t live without? They’re for sale! A pivitol piece of this event is bringing the market of sustainable art into the public arena. Bid in the silent auction online or attend the DOOR Jam celebration on August 4th to view a large selection of entries, meet the artists, and bid live. The money raised will benefit both the artists and the Center for Resource Conservation.

The Bold Doors project is led and managed by volunteers. Interested in participating? They can still use your help! Contact to get connected with this amazing exhibit.