Two Hands Paperie Project Book- A Call For Submissions

Here at Two Hands Paperie we spend a lot of time on our own projects- journaling, bookbinding, printing, and encaustic to name a few of the categories. We also spend a lot of time talking with customers about their projects- listening to their ideas, helping them find the right materials, and sometimes just helping them move forward down the creative road. Over the years many people have brought in their finished projects and shared them with us, but we’d like to see more. With that in mind we are putting together a Two Hands Paperie Project Book where you can leave a photo and description about your work for others who need inspiration. This will be a very informal process- if you have made something using paper from the store, made a project from one of the books we carry, or were inspired to move forward with your own creative process after taking a class with us, we’d like to include your work in the book. It’s a great way to share your creations with others in the community, and help out those who are stuck in a creative rut.

Feel free to drop off a photo and a blurb about your work the next time you are in the store, or you can email it to us if that is easier. Send submissions to The book will be a work in progress- there is no deadline to submit. We will add to it as long as people continue to provide us with photos of their work. We’ll have the book out very soon, and we hope to see your work in it.