Writing Instruments

One of our favorite items at Two Hands Paperie is our pens. We all love them, employees and customers alike. There is really nothing like the feel of a fine pen in your hand, gliding across paper. A good pen with colorful ink makes you want to write. It is a tactile experience that is unfortunately being replaced by the tapping of keys on a keyboard. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Two Hands Paperie we have a selection of  ballpoint and roller ball pens, as well as a variety of fountain pens, all of which are very popular. We carry fountain pens by Jean-Peirre Lepine, Namiki, Delta, Faber-Castell, Taccia, Visconti, Retro 51, Lamy, Online, and Spalding.

One of the most exciting aspects of the fountain pen is the ability to choose inks. There are a large number of inks available for fountain pens, both in cartridges and bottled inks. Cartridge inks are more limited in color in some brands, but ink manufacturers such as Herbin make all of their bottled inks available in the International cartridge style. Nearly all fountain pens come ready for cartridges.  Converters can be purchased for most pens to allow the use of bottled inks.

Fountain pens that accept cartridges are handy for travel and for those who carry a fountain pen daily. They can be carried onto airplanes while traveling. Bottled inks lend themselves better to use at your writing desk, simply because carrying bottled inks can be cumbersome and potentially messy.  At Two Hands Paperie we carry inks by Herbin, Waterman, Taccia, Lamy, Caran d’Ache, Namiki, and Visconti.

For those not ready for a fountain pen, there are ballpoint and roller ball cartridges that write as smooth and flow as freely as fountain pens.  Caran d’Ache ballpoint cartridges are very smooth. Faber-Castell ballpoint cartridges flow across the page as if they were a gel or roller ball cartridge. If you are not familiar with these brands, or with the differences in pens, ask to try them out the next time you visit us. We would be happy to explain  their features and let you try them side by side for comparison.