From Digital to Analog- Returning to Letter Writing

Nearly every day someone visits our store with the intention of slowing down their progress in the digital world.  Today a customer purchased a Filofax organiser to replace her PDA. It seemed that the PDA just no longer felt right.  I have also recently helped a few customers purchase letter writing materials- paper, envelopes, pens, and even wax seals and sealing wax. Their intentions were to do away with email, and write letters again. 

Because of these interactions, I recently decided that I needed to write a letter myself.  I gave it quite a bit of thought- I asked myself “Who do I know that would really enjoy receiving a letter?” When I finally hit upon the person, I sat down immediately and began writing.  I have to say that the tactile experience of writing, of addressing an envelope, and sending it off was something I had forgotten about. Not to mention the challenge of not being able to cut and paste, and the fact that I had no spell check! I plan to write another letter soon, once I realise who the next recipient is.